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Residence and Domicile Tax Planning

Residence and Domicile Tax Planning

The navigation of complex rules domicile planning creates the need for highly engaged specialists.

With extensive experience in the field of domicile and residence tax planning for both individuals and businesses, our team are able to navigate complex rules and frequently-changing legislation in multiple jurisdictions to create a tax solution that fits your circumstances.

Reducing overall tax liability is essential for maximising business and investment return. Our team work closely with high-net-worth individuals both in the UK and further afield to create a bespoke tax-efficient solution.

Pre-arrival planning: Advising on the tax-efficient organisation of your financial aairs to help manage your needs while living in the UK.

Property: Advising on the implications, structuring and funding of UK property ownership.

Inheritance tax: Advising on inheritance tax implications if the client has been in the UK for several years or have settled in the UK permanently.

Offshore assets: Advising on existing structures and planning for offshore assets.

Remittances: Structuring of remittances to enable tax-efficient movement of capital to the UK.

Pre-departure planning: Advising on the tax-efficient organisation of your financial aairs to help you manage your financial needs while living outside the UK.

Compliance: Helping the client seek advice on the destination country’s tax legislation and advising on how this interacts with UK tax legislation and assisting with any ongoing UK tax reporting obligations they should leave the UK to work.

Property: Advising on letting out a UK property while the client is outside the UK, including the non-resident landlord scheme.

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