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Corporate and Structured Finance

Corporate and Structured Finance

Effective structuring of corporate finances is essential for the growth of a business both in the short and long term.

By understanding your business model and your vision of the future, our team will utilise their diverse and extensive experience in the fields of asset finance, securitisation, derivatives and FX transactions to create a practical, success-driven solution.

Our team works alongside business stakeholders to deliver transaction, financing and restructuring services. We advise on options to help a business grow, develop and, when they need to, take a change of direction to increase their efficiency.

We provide a valuable service to businesses at every stage of their life cycle. Whether it be raising funds, acquiring, merging, restructuring or ultimately selling, our many years of experience and expertise in transactional work enables us to meet all the challenges of a business’s corporate advisory requirements.

In each stage of its life cycle, the client’s’ business will have different corporate finance needs – whether raising funds, acquiring, merging, restructuring or ultimately selling. With many years’ experience of operating in the corporate finance market, our team has the necessary networks and experience to meet such requirements.

Many businesses have assets, liabilities, operations, owners or investors in different countries. In the current climate, an SME’s biggest hindrance to growth is often obtaining the finance it requires. With an extensive network of contacts, C&M is well placed to assist clients with fund raising, whether it be debt or equity, at whatever stage of their business life cycle they are.

We work closely with clients to understand their capital requirements so we can structure any financing accordingly. As a firm, we have a high level of connections with banks, private equity and venture capital funds, asset-based lenders and alternative networks, including a mix of crowdfunding platforms.

We have extensive experience in advising on raising debt and equity for business, whether it be start-up capital for a new venture or funding for a potential acquisition. Our services include the preparation of forecasts and business plans, company valuation, assistance in negotiations with potential funders and advising on taxation implications on interest and on venture capital funding, including obtaining advance assurance of qualification for venture capital relief from HMRC.

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