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Your Guide to UK Capital Gains Tax – Reduction and Elimination

How to avoid paying unnecessary Capital Gains Tax

Do not get caught out by the taxman – we can help you understand the rules and the steps you could take to avoid paying unnecessary Capital Gains Tax.

Capital gains tax (CGT) may be due when you sell, transfer, gift, or exchange all, or part of, an asset.

In this guide we look at the ins and outs of Capital Gains Tax, consider second properties, and how best to organise your finances to minimise tax liability or even eliminate this bill.

This guide reveals:

  • What changes is the chancellor considering?
  • What Is Capital Gains Tax?
  • How Much Will You Pay?
  • How Do You Calculate Your CGT Bill?
  • Deducting Losses from Your CGT Bill
  • CGT and Property
  • CGT and Investments
  • Can It Be Avoided?

Download the guide below:

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