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About Charter and May – Tax Consultancy

Our endeavour is simple: to provide sound, effective tax advice and put into practice well-thought-out strategies that enable you to achieve your financial goals as efficiently as possible.

Planning ahead is important in all areas of life and your personal or business finances are no exception.

By bringing together experienced professionals under the Charter and May umbrella, our strength lies not only in our collective specialist knowledge but also in the ‘iron triangle’ approach that our experience working with clients has led us to develop.

A personal relationship manager will be dedicated to gaining and maintaining an in-depth understanding of your needs, relationships and goals. Whilst our services span a wide variety of client needs, the service you receive will be tailored to you.

The Personal Touch

Global Reach

Having offices in many countries around the world gives us, and therefore you, exclusive opportunities to take advantage of tax planning solutions that span one or more jurisdictions. Having a local presence in many places ensures our knowledge is up-to-date, extensive and shared throughout the Charter and May team. From Los Angeles to Tokyo, where you choose to base yourself will always mean a relationship with Charter and May will succeed.

Our clients have contrasting goals and priorities and we take care to understand yours before we make our recommendations. We understand that the service we provide to you can’t be achieved by ticking boxes but rather demands that we develop a strong working relationship where the outcome is a structured, forward-thinking solution that saves you money, resources and importantly, time.

Our journey together begins with you getting in touch for an initial consultation.

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